Moghul Express is a unique restaurant located in the heart of Edison and Kendal Park, serving a wide array of cuisines including North & South Indian, Indo-Chinese, Street Food, Pan Asian, and an exquisite array of desserts. Moghul Express delivers inventive Indian cuisine by complementing its different flavors and cultures with global techniques and ingredients. We have designed our contemporary menu with a combination of fresh seasonal produce and traditional ingredients from around the world to surprise the adventurous, yet traditional palates.

At Moghul Express, we offer a unique opportunity to experience Indian cuisine through our ingredient-focused menu that is a repertoire of different cuisine such as Schezwan Fried Rice, Vegetable Samosa, Dahi Ke Kebab, and more. By evoking hints of nostalgia, we create traditional Indian dishes the way they are meant to be cooked – with an array of spices and herbs prepared in-house while staying true to India. Whether you want to indulge in express biryani or experience authentic South Indian cuisine, we serve it all. We are widely recognized for our standards of service, creativity, and exemplary cuisine.

Come with your Indian cuisine-appreciating friends and enjoy a sensational feast at Moghul Express!